NFL Week 3 Predictions and Writing Recap

After being fooled by the Thursday night home-field advantage, I’m now 0-3 at picking games with the Carolina Panthers this season. That’s what I get for trusting a team that has not yet arrived with a quarterback I pegged as the most overrated in the league heading into the season. Won’t make that mistake next week, but let’s worry about this weekend first.

This Week’s Articles

Breaking Down the Pivotal Moments of NFL Week 2 – Bleacher Report

A loaded recap of the Giants’ big comeback, the comedy of errors in Arizona/New England, C.J. Spiller’s big average, Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, and whether or not the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles are the worst 2-0 team in NFL history.

Captain Comeback Week 2: No. 1 QB’s to the Rescue – Cold, Hard Football Facts

We only had six games with a fourth quarter comeback opportunity this week, but still some great finishes. Eli Manning did it again for New York, the Eagles came through the second week in a row, Andrew Luck’s first game-winning drive, and a rare St. Louis comeback win. Also the Patriots missed a clutch field goal and lost because of it for the first time since December 26, 1999. Is Stephen Gostkowski a huge choker compared to Adam Vinatieri? All the details included.

Can’t Laugh at NFC West Now – NBC Sports

After just their second ever Sunday of going 4-0 as a division, the NFC West looks much improved this season. Find out how they’ve done and it whether or not the four teams can sustain success this season.

Following a Legend: Andrew Luck Week 2 vs. Minnesota Vikings – Colts Authority

Andrew Luck had a much better performance this week, leading his first game-winning drive in the Colts’ 23-20 victory over Minnesota. Found out what was different for Luck this week versus last with a full breakdown of every drop back.

The Thinking Man’s Guide to NFL Week 3 – Bleacher Report

Previewing Giants/Panthers, Texans/Broncos, Patriots/Ravens, Steelers/Raiders and Packers/Seahawks.

Those 2-0 Teams Couldn’t Be More Different – NBC Sports

The Cardinals are tied for a league-best 9-2 record in their last 11 games, while the Eagles have the longest active winning streak (6). Yet, why does this 2-0 battle look so weak on paper? Find out how fortunate the 2-0 starts have been for each team, plus a statistical analysis that shows it does matter how you play on your way to a 2-0 start. I really enjoyed writing this one, as some of the data provided unexpected results.

Thursday Night Lights: Giants Blast Panthers in Historic Rout – Cold, Hard Football Facts

The Giants’ 36-7 win in Carolina on Thursday night is the 6th highest by a road team in any Thursday game since the 1970 merger. Find out if the Thursday home advantage is real or has just been a matter of favorable scheduling on the NFL Network.

2012 NFL Week 3 Predictions

Need to trust my gut more. The Week 1 team I was all in for except making the pick was Tampa Bay, and last week was Seattle, as I explained in this exact spot. This week I am going to make that team San Diego, as I think they will beat Atlanta at home and finally earn some respect this season as a contender in the AFC.

Winners in bold:

  • Rams at Bears
  • Bills at Browns
  • Buccaneers at Cowboys
  • Jaguars at Colts
  • Jets at Dolphins
  • 49ers at Vikings
  • Chiefs at Saints
  • Lions at Titans
  • Bengals at Redskins
  • Eagles at Cardinals
  • Falcons at Chargers
  • Texans at Broncos
  • Steelers at Raiders
  • Patriots at Ravens
  • Packers at Seahawks

Season results:

  • Week 1: 12-4
  • Week 2: 11-5

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