FanDuel: Will EJ Manuel, Geno Smith Continue the Mobile Quarterback Trend?

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Will EJ Manuel, Geno Smith Continue the Mobile Quarterback Trend?

In the last few NFL drafts, teams have had a lot of success drafting and playing mobile quarterbacks. Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III are the most known “new breeds” of quarterback, capable of doing damage with their legs and their arm. The question is, will EJ Manuel and Geno Smith be the next two to join this growing club?

Although both rookies are talented, they are not coming in with nearly the same hype as some of the high draft picks have in recent years. However, Kaepernick and Wilson have shown that you do not need a ton of hype to get an opportunity to succeed right away. In fact, opportunity will allow both of these guys to showcase their talent sooner rather than later.

Neither 2013 rookie quarterback is considered to be a favorite to start in Week 1, but Mark Sanchez for the Jets and Kevin Kolb for the Bills are not exactly grabbing the starting job and not letting go, both make good sense as backups on your fantasy football team. Neither team is expected to be in the playoff hunt, so at some point during the year, it makes sense that a rookie will get the reigns.

In college, both Manuel and Smith showed off their ability to create offense on the ground and through the air. The NFL game is much different, so learning to make adjustments is the key. However, that adjustment period in recent years has been pretty short. At first, people though that mobile quarterbacks running the run option might be nothing more than a gimmick. It appears as though it is here to stay for at least a little bit longer, and for the Bills and Jets, they are hoping their investments will pay off.


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