My Top 250 Films of All Time vs. IMDb

IMDb has another alternative to its top 250 film list. I finally took my own list and ranked my top 250 films of all time. Be sure to follow me on Letterboxd if you use that site.

Three months ago, I posted my own top 500 list to celebrate my 5,000th film watched, but at the time I only ranked the top 100 films. Today I took a stab at expanding that to rank the top 250 with 251-500 still ranked alphabetically for the time being.

I’ve slowed my pace of watching in the last three months due to football season, but there was one new entry to the list in that time. I watched The Shop on Main Street (1965) on HBO Max and thought it was incredible with one of the saddest endings ever. I placed that at #248 on my list.

I thought it would be interesting to compare my top 250 to the current IMDb 250, of which I have seen 245 titles.

A total of 128 titles (or just over half) on IMDb also made my top 250. In the two tables below I show where those 128 titles rank for me compared to IMDb, starting with the titles I was most favorable to.

Seven Samurai (#19) and The Apartment (#118) are the only two films I have in the exact same spot as IMDb. Overall, there are 21 films I’m within 10 positions of either way. Apparently I’m lower on Forrest Gump (-202) than most, which makes perfect sense to me.

Finally, here are the 122 titles in my top 250 that IMDb does not have, some of which I’m very surprised to see are gone. Many of these used to be on that list.

Perhaps when I do the next update to rank 251-500, I can look at where those films rank relative to the IMDb list.

Finally, in case you were curious, these are the only five I have yet to see on the IMDb top 250. I’m still confused how Hamilton even counts as a film.

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