NFL Week 15 Predictions: No Ties Edition

With the Vikings trying to make a 33-point comeback against the Colts, I might as well post the Week 15 predictions.

There’s no real must-see game this weekend as the NFL is surely disappointed that Bengals-Buccaneers and Rams-Packers aren’t going to be the premiere matchups in the 4:25 and MNF slots this week because of how much those NFC teams have fallen off.

I am curious to see what kind of weather we get in Buffalo tonight, because I’ve been waiting for Week 3 to see the Bills avenge that fluke of a loss. The Dolphins come in playing their worst football of the season too. Thundersnow? Whatever.

Some of this week’s articles:

NFL Week 15 Predictions

I swear, if the Vikings pull off the biggest comeback in NFL history…It’s 36-21 with almost 13 minutes left now.

I have no clue what Desmond Ridder is going to do, but I like him to hit his over in passing.

I wanted to take the Jets over Lions all week, but I switched my vote to protest Zach Wilson’s existence as QB1 again. Rest up, Mike White.

I think the Eagles and Cowboys win in blowout fashion and get ready for next week’s showdown. Think 2007 Colts-Patriots, but not as great.

Just noticing I picked 10 underdogs to cover and 5 to win outright. There may be regrets.

But please, no god damn ties again. Give us something decisive, Giants and Commanders. It’s bad enough we have to watch you in prime time. Give us a winner.


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