The Whistleblower No. 2 – Heath Evans and Buffalo Bills’ Run Defense

Just as I’m ready to get through some brutal preseason action, I hear Heath Evans on the NFL Network talking about RG3’s first drive against the Buffalo Bills. According to Evans, the Redskins gave the rookie no chances to succeed on the drive, which featured two vanilla runs and a third-down pass caught of bounds.

But The Whistleblower’s ears lit up when Evans exclaimed that the Buffalo Bills have “always been good at stopping the run.”

Which Buffalo Bills would that be? Now I’m not an avid Bills watcher, but even I know this team has been lousy against the run for years. In fact, they have been one of the very worst in the league at stopping the run.

Always good at stopping the run? Since 2009, no team has allowed more rushing yards or rushing touchdowns than Buffalo. Only Tampa Bay has allowed a higher YPC.

Come on Heath, even YOU ran for 56 yards on 10 carries against Buffalo in 2007 with the Patriots. That’s the third highest rushing game in your career.

Heath Evans, you used to be pretty good at being bald too. What gives with the hair?


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