NFL Week 16 Predictions: Oh But It’s Cold Outside Edition

Since 2013, the NFL has had one game with a total under 36 points. Today, there will be three, including a game in Cleveland that is just 32.5 points.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I will continue saying it until the end of time. Any new stadium proposed for NFL use must have at least a retractable roof option. You can play the 25 degree game with flurries if you want, but when it gets to extreme weather like this, it’s a safety hazard for thousands of fans, and it’s going to have an impact on the quality of play. Not that anyone gives a shit about Saints-Browns at this point, but imagine if Bills-Bengals next week was played with a wind chill of minus-30. Not ideal.

Just a minute to share a couple links and predictions as I need to get some bets in before the 1 PM games start.

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Classic no-show by the Jets offense on Thursday.

We’ll see if the Raiders stun Pittsburgh again, but I really love the picks of a Pittsburgh win, Najee Harris TD, and Najee over 58.5 yards or whatever the final number ends up being. What better way to honor Franco (RIP) after his shocking passing than with Harris having a great game?


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