Johnny Manziel Created Taunting and Pissed in Mark May’s Coffee

In case you missed it, Johnny Manziel picked up a taunting penalty in his season debut (GIF credit: SBNation).


Alright, that was not smart, but let’s not pretend he’s the only quarterback (or football player for that matter) to do such a thing. Of course ESPN’s Lou Holtz had a major problem with it, saying he would have grabbed Manziel “by the throat.” Also blowing things out of proportions was Mark May, who had plenty of off-field trouble in his college days.

If this is the act of a “selfish knucklehead,” then let’s just say Manziel may have taken some pointers from the best.


That’s Tom Brady taunting John Lynch, perhaps a future Hall of Famer, on the opening series of a January 2006 playoff game in Denver. Jim Nantz’s response: “He’s got a pump fist of his own.”

At least Johnny Football kept his distance.


One thought on “Johnny Manziel Created Taunting and Pissed in Mark May’s Coffee

  1. Manziel is not the first, and won’t be the last to taunt or talk trash. Please. Lou Holtz should retire from broadcasting, and Mark May is a moron. Athletes in ALL sports have trash talked or taunted, even in niche sports like hockey, horse racing (the human participants), tennis, golf, and the like.

    Heck, I am almost certain even Peyton Manning has trashed talked or taunted someone.

    Great job.

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